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About Laser Gum Surgery

When Gum disease has reached an advance stage scaling and root planing by itself will not enable regeneration of tissue. The patient will require gum surgery. At our office we provide a treatment service called LANAP. it stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.

This procedure encourages the reattachment of the healthy gum tissue to tooth. The laser kills any bacteria in the pocket and also removes any disease tissue. this procdeure is less traumatic, more gentle and speeds up healing.


How Does Laser Gum Disease Treatment Work?

When it comes to laser gum disease treatment the process is quite simple. The first step for treating gum disease with a laser involves using the laser to pinpoint and remove the diseased gum tissue. Then the next step would be to use the heat of the laser to form a clot in order to fully cauterize the area and with this overtime the removed gum disease tissue will grow back new gum tissue that is fully healed.

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